January 7, 2018

Configure it

What is that you need to configure, in the end?

Let us guide your through everything, step by step.


First things first

First thing, we will guide you through creating the backbone of the conference you have in mind.


This means telling us which title it will have, which tracks will incorporate, if any peer review will be done, and some other things. Just to take a start.




Then, some details, the important ones

As many say, details are important. In this matter are decisive. At this stage even more: necessary.
So you just have to make an effort and walk with us: point at what you like and make your choice.

The roles, for instance. You intend to delegate management of single tracks? Then you need Track Managers.
And before that, is “Track” a noun that suits you? How about “Section”? No problem, we can change that. As well as “Subtracks”, if any.
So you got peer reviewing then. Of course you need referees, this is simple. But you suppose and wish Track Managers intend to do the review job as well?
No problem, you can definitely involve them. And they will be double blind, if necessary.
Starting to feel the control of your conference?


The Dates. They make the flow

Actually, they implicate a workflow, in the calendar. Something like a Ganttt for project management stuff, right? After all, you will be managing and now, so to speak, you are projecting

You must have already decided when the conference will take place. And you probably have in mind when submissions start.
But how about ther other deadlines? As soon as submissions end, you will probably manage the acceptace.
And right after that people will start considering participating in your conference. How many days in between?
Speaking of the latter, how many days you intend to leave to referees to do their job?
Please, let us write down and so implement the necessary flow. Or workflow, if you like.


And so on.

What else?