November 4, 2016


Aidea Conference 2013

Prof. Franco Fiordelisi

Aidea Conference 2015

Prof. Paolo Andrei

SISP Conference 2015

Two years ago SISP decided to launch a new platform in order to organize our annual conference in a more modern and up-to-date way of managing complex procedures that, till then, took too much time.

We then chose the CCMGS system that, ultimately, proved itself to be the optimal solution in automating the whole annual conference managing process. The platform administrator is accompanied in a focused and accurate program organization since the starting phases of setting up main calendar, specifying sections and panels, up to controlling enrollment procedures and, of course, paper submissions.

CCMGS is easy to use and supported by an excellent technical team, ready to quickly intervene and effectively solve possible emerging problems.

For this, and many other aspects, we strongly suggest using CCMGS for any conference.”

Prof. Luca Germano
Former Sisp Secretary-General, now member of Sisp Committee

OIPE Workshop 2016

CCMGS definitely helped our committee in appropriately managing our conference, giving us the opportunity to really ‘follow’ submissions on the way, and specifically organize papers and reviews in a pleasently simple manner, as well as involving authors and co-authors in sort of ‘creating’ the conference itself.

The CCMGS staff responded to our peculiar demands with nice and timely approach to our problems.

Do not miss this well done web service!

Prof. Alessandro Salvini
Full Professor at University of RomaTre

SISP Conference 2016